Hanson-Smith, Ltd. was a small consulting firm located in Washington State.

Since 1980, Hanson-Smith, Ltd. provided technical and business expertise to a diverse nationwide clientele. On hundreds of projects, we helped our clients meet a wide range of strategic and tactical goals, often assuming a hands-on role in associated research, validation, and implementation. We balanced the pursuit of innovative opportunities with measures to mitigate risk.

Most work involved development, sale, procurement, delivery, or use of computer software. We drew on broad experience in designing, building, evaluating, and packaging software – with special expertise in distributed computing, data integration, data mining, user-driven design, and process improvement. This work ranged from building operating systems and designing programming languages to solving complex end-user reporting problems.

Hanson-Smith, Ltd. clients included software vendors, service firms, public sector organizations, financial institutions, consultants, utilities, start-ups, and investors. Hanson-Smith, Ltd. began in Connecticut; during the 90s, operations shifted to Chicago. We eventually moved to Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula in 2004. We finally closed the doors a few years ago, after a last few years focused on a small number of interesting clients, projects, and patents (US 20090259612 A1). Our attention is now on other efforts.

About that patent: It was broad; it had a lot of citations; it covered really interesting technology; it was probably infringed upon by big players. The claims cover a lot of uses beyond what you might think from the title and the abstract. But it’s very hard for a small patent holder to do anything. Unless you are actually building and selling a product, or licensing the technology, it’s hard to get anybody to look at it. So we decided to let it lapse. All it’s good for today is bragging rights. 

You can visit us on Facebook, though you won’t find much there either: www.facebook.com/HansonSmithLtd

Trevor R. Hanson

Mr. Hanson’s experience spanned four decades in information technology projects, from boardroom-level technology planning to developing system software. Work around the millenium focused on technology policy, project planning, product design, quality management, risk mitigation, and information systems design. Earlier projects include design and development of many software products, ranging from operating systems and compilers to end-user reporting tools – including pioneering research in object-oriented technology and client/server architectures since the seventies.

Mr. Hanson’s diverse background included business planning, re-engineering, product design, systems/application programming, product marketing, and management. Prior to founding Hanson-Smith, Ltd., he was at National CSS, a computer timesharing company, helping develop such products as NOMAD. He also held positions at Sears, Roebuck and Co., and at Southern New England Telephone Company.

Mr. Hanson had patents issued (Message conduit systems with algorithmic data stream control…, US 20090259612 A1) related to his long-term R&D activities.

Mr. Hanson has been a full-time musician since 2010, and doesn’t think too much about computer systems these days.