Last updated 27 May 2024

I often wind up discussing technical matters, which I find endlessly interesting.

Here are a few snippets. Later I’ll try to expand this more systematically.

Software tools

I find the Neck Diagrams app very useful. It helps when learning and visualizing the fretboard. It offers a comprehensive set of tools, letting you create diagrams using different numbers of strings, various tunings, and a wide range of visual appearances.


My go-to amps are made by Henriksen. They provide the clean transparent tone that I like to allow my guitars to speak in their own voices. This is particularly important with classical guitars, where any additional color from the amp tends to create an unpleasant result.


I will simply list my principal instruments for the present. Later, I’ll provide much more detail. All of these builders create outstanding instruments.

Nylon stringKirk Sand
Shelley Park
Solar Gonzales
Arrow Guitars (Paul Lestock)
Other typesShelley Park
Running Dog (Rick Davis)
Josh Humphrey