Update 25 February 2023

Most of my work remains on hold, due to family medical issues. If you need to reach me, send me an email. Things have been improving for us since summer 2022. The start of the year was rough. 

I am again booking a few Olympic Peninsula performances. I’ll post updates to my email list, and on Facebook, and on this new website.



I play a diverse mix of music styles, drawing from jazz, classical, folk, and other traditions.  My work is often as a soloist, but I sometimes join other area musicians. I mostly play seven-string guitars, both nylon- and steel-string.

Until 2002, I appeared solo every week at Alchemy Bistro & Wine Bar, in Port Townsend; I began there in 2011. I also performed regularly at Ajax Cafe, and at many other area venues. That era ended in February 2022. As of spring 2023, I am resuming limited performances on the Olympic Peninsula.

Further updates will follow.